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About Us

The soul of this brand lies in the minimalism, naturalness and uniqueness of the products across categories. Each product is a work of art, and has a story. A story that narrates the unrivalled artistry of the Indian craftsmen, more modernly. In this fast paced world, where materialism is held higher than ethics and values, Merakus is an initiative to make sustainability breathe through. 

Merakus is more than just a label. It is a space to satiate seekers of serenity and joy. An experience that urges to live an unadulterated life. Real luxury is in being progressive while also re-living the good old days. Crafting its own long journey in the sustainable lifestyle space, this brand reiterates the beauty of slow living; the importance of naturally sourced produce over synthetically manufactured. 


Merakus showcases three product categories:

Women’s Wear – This category redefines sustainable chic. It boasts of thoughtfully handwoven organic cotton (with natural dyes) and natural cotton (with azo free dyes), linen and jute fabrics, from across India. Each design is an amalgamation of modern, wearable, and minimal silhouettes. 

Serveware – This category brings together an array of handcrafted mango and sheesham wood serving essentials. 

Bags – One of a kind bags, crafted out of naturally sourced material, this category of products, is both mindful and uber exclusive. 

Merakus is an idea that metamorphosed into a beautiful story.